Who Does The Covergirl Mascara Commercial?

Have you ever wondered who the stunning model in the Covergirl mascara commercial is? You’re not alone. Millions of people around the world are captivated by her beauty and charm, leaving them curious about her identity.

Well, the wait is over. In this article, we’ll reveal who the Covergirl mascara commercial star is and how she landed the coveted role. Get ready to be amazed by her journey and learn some insider secrets about the world of modeling and beauty advertising.

Who Does the Covergirl Mascara Commercial?

Who Does the Covergirl Mascara Commercial?

Have you ever wondered who the beautiful models are in the Covergirl mascara commercial? Or maybe you’re curious about who directs and produces these ads? In this article, we’ll explore the talented individuals who bring these commercials to life.

The Models

Covergirl is known for featuring a diverse range of models in their commercials. From actresses to singers and models, Covergirl has worked with some of the most beautiful and successful women in the entertainment industry.

One of the most iconic faces of Covergirl is Ellen DeGeneres. The comedian and talk show host has been the brand ambassador for Covergirl since 2008. Other famous Covergirl models include Queen Latifah, Sofia Vergara, and Zendaya.

Covergirl also features up-and-coming models in their commercials. For example, in 2016, the brand featured Amy Deanna, a model with vitiligo, in their ad campaign.

The Directors and Producers

The commercials for Covergirl are directed and produced by some of the most talented individuals in the industry. One of the most well-known directors is Sofia Coppola, who directed a series of commercials for Covergirl in 2013.

Another famous director who has worked with Covergirl is Baz Luhrmann. He directed a commercial starring Drew Barrymore in 2008. The commercial was a huge success and won several awards.

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In addition to famous directors, Covergirl works with talented producers to bring their commercials to life. Some of the producers who have worked with Covergirl include Peggy Rajski and Dede Gardner.

The Benefits of Using Covergirl Mascara

Covergirl mascara is known for its high-quality formula and long-lasting wear. The brand offers a range of mascaras, from volumizing to lengthening and everything in between.

One of the benefits of using Covergirl mascara is that it is affordable. You don’t have to break the bank to achieve beautiful lashes. Additionally, Covergirl mascara is easy to apply and doesn’t clump or smudge.

Another benefit of using Covergirl mascara is that it is available in a wide range of shades. Whether you have blonde lashes or dark brown lashes, there’s a shade of Covergirl mascara that will work for you.

Covergirl Mascara vs Other Brands

While there are many mascara brands on the market, Covergirl stands out for its affordability and quality. Compared to high-end brands, Covergirl mascara is much more budget-friendly, but it doesn’t sacrifice quality.

Additionally, Covergirl mascara is available in a wider range of shades than many other brands. This means that you’re more likely to find a shade that matches your natural lashes.

Overall, Covergirl mascara is a great choice for anyone looking for an affordable, high-quality mascara. With its range of shades and formulas, there’s a Covergirl mascara that will work for everyone.

Freequently Asked Questions:

In this section, we will answer some of the frequently asked questions about the Covergirl Mascara Commercial and its cast.

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Who is the model in the Covergirl Mascara Commercial?

The model in the Covergirl Mascara Commercial is named Maye Musk. She is a 73-year-old model, dietitian, and author. Maye Musk has been modeling for over 50 years and has worked with several major brands including Clinique, Target, and Virgin America.

In 2017, she was signed on as a Covergirl ambassador, making her the oldest model to ever be signed to the brand. Maye Musk has been featured in several Covergirl campaigns, including the Covergirl Mascara Commercial.

Who directed the Covergirl Mascara Commercial?

The Covergirl Mascara Commercial was directed by legendary filmmaker, Ridley Scott. Scott is best known for directing iconic films such as Alien, Blade Runner, and Gladiator. He has also directed several high-profile commercials for major brands such as Apple, Nike, and Pepsi.

The Covergirl Mascara Commercial was part of a larger campaign for the brand, which was created by ad agency Droga5.

Who wrote the music for the Covergirl Mascara Commercial?

The music for the Covergirl Mascara Commercial was composed by Daniel Pemberton. Pemberton is a British composer who has worked on several major film and television projects, including The Man from U.N.C.L.E., Steve Jobs, and Black Mirror.

For the Covergirl Mascara Commercial, Pemberton composed an original piece of music that was inspired by the idea of transformation and empowerment.

Who did the makeup for the Covergirl Mascara Commercial?

The makeup for the Covergirl Mascara Commercial was done by a team of professional makeup artists. Covergirl has a team of makeup artists who work on their campaigns and commercials, creating looks that showcase the brand’s products.

The specific makeup artists who worked on the Covergirl Mascara Commercial are not publicly known, as the brand tends to keep the details of their creative teams private.

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Who produced the Covergirl Mascara Commercial?

The Covergirl Mascara Commercial was produced by Park Pictures, a production company based in Los Angeles and New York. Park Pictures is known for producing high-quality commercials and films, and has worked with several major brands including Nike, Samsung, and Coca-Cola.

The specific producer who worked on the Covergirl Mascara Commercial is not publicly known.


In conclusion, the identity of the person who appears in the Covergirl mascara commercial remains a mystery to many. Despite this, the advertisement has continued to captivate viewers with its stunning visuals and catchy taglines. The commercial’s success can be attributed to its ability to connect with its audience and promote confidence and beauty.

While we may never know the true identity of the model in the commercial, what is clear is that the brand’s message of inclusivity and diversity is one that resonates with many. The commercial serves as a reminder that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and that every individual deserves to feel confident and empowered in their own skin.

Ultimately, the Covergirl mascara commercial is more than just an advertisement for a beauty product. It is a celebration of individuality, self-expression, and the power of confidence. So the next time you see the ad on TV, take a moment to appreciate the message it sends and the impact it has on viewers around the world.

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